Tarot and Oracle Sessions

Trance states are the science or 'magic' behind changing your mindset.
People go into trance states numerous times throughout every day of their lives.
Driving, watching a movie, reading, daydreaming, sleeping - those are all trance states.
Any time you 'focus' your attention you are entering into a trance state.

The past, present, and future events of the universe are all contained within the Aether.
We are all connected to the source, and thus, have free access to these libraries of truth.

Family, Romance, Finances, Fertility, Fun, Friendship, Weight, Worries, Woes.
Whatever ails you, the universe has a solvent and is waiting for you to retrieve it.

Together we combine the infinite connection to source with intent and divination to help summon the solution to problems of all kinds, and then utilize naturally occurring trance states to evoke the positive energy while transmuting that energy into your life.

In other words:
You ask the question, I read the cards, we discover a possible solution, and then we put that intent out into the universe using our subconscious minds.


When you enter a trance state your subconscious becomes hyper-aware.
Taking advantage of the brains natural ability to enter into trance states is a huge plus, especially when it comes to changing ones mindset and behavioral patterns for the better.

Readings Include:
In-depth Coaching and Solution Seeking
Tarot and Oracle Divination
A Personalized Trance Session


Tarot and Oracle Readings are
$165 per session.
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Very Thorough!

"The reading was very thorough and, I think, accurate. The insight helped a lot!"

— A.R.

Genuine and Upfront.

“Rashida is genuine and upfront. Wish I had found out about her sooner.”

— D.P.

She's awesome!

I love the way she is with her clients!!”

— E.K.




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