Custom Ritual Creation

Be it for romance, marriage, fertility, birth, blessings, luck, adventure, money - rituals are a crucial key to a focused mindset that produces solutions and gets results.

Whether you choose to use tangible items, daily mantras, or an assortment of other methods, we will work together to compose a system that produces worthwhile results. 

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The process of working with me to create your own, personal, one-of-a-kind ritual, includes:
Planning and Crafting
the Details of the Ritual,
4 One-on-one Coaching Sessions
and Weekly Email Guidance

to keep you informed and on track,
Specific Ritual Tools and Items
Delivered right to you, along with
Detailed Instructions

so you can start walking your path
on the right foot.


Rates depend on the budget and specifications of the client.
Starting at $25 and up.

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Arrived on time...

“Arrived in a timely fashion.
I'm excited to be able to use it!”

— S.A.

Very Kind...

"She is very kind and gives you everything promised. Looking forward to my second casting tonight. ”

— S.B.

Very Intuitive...

"I look forward to this manifestation.
Rashida is very intuitive... ”

— M.C.



Below are examples of the types of things your delivery may include depending on the specific details of your custom ritual...

Your Ideal Life is waiting...

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